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Solution for EV

Our cutting-edge technology puts the power of full control right at your fingertips. With rich features that prioritize your safety, managing your car has never been easier. Take command of your driving experience like never before with our user-friendly app. Designed to cater to all kinds of electric vehicles, including buses and taxis, our innovative technology is the perfect fit for businesses of all sizes

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Digital Transformation

Drive business impact with accelerated change through our Digital Banking ecosystem. Transform legacy banking services into the digital world seamlessly with our platform. Focus on onboarding customers while we handle the technology for you."

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ChatBot powered by ChatGPT

Upgrade the client engagement with our ChatGPT-powered ChatBot integrated with WhatsApp, Mobile App, WebSite, IVR and you name we integrate...

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“ChatGPT is a fascinating technology that has the potential to transform the way we communicate with machines.”

Supper Mobile App

We provide Fintech partners and Banks with a comprehensive white label solution that enables them to offer a full suite of financial services to their customers via our cutting-edge mobile app platform. Our feature-rich solution includes a wide range of commonly used financial services such as remittances, instant cash, utility payments, online shopping, education fees, ticketing, and much more.

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Cutting-Edge IT Solutions for
Today's Business Challenges

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

We work with our clients to create customized AI solutions that deliver tangible business results.

Internet of Things(IoT)

With our cutting-edge IoT technology, we help our clients stay ahead in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Digital Banking Eco-System

Our digital banking solutions offer secure, fast and hassle-free transactions, all at your fingertips.

Fintech Eco-System

We help our clients leverage the power of technology to optimize their financial operations

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NDS (Nex Digital Studio) is a globally recognized leader in software development. With over a decade of experience, we have a reputation for creating innovative and impactful solutions for a wide range of industries. Our expertise encompasses the latest technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Digital Banking, Fintech, Electric Cars, and Blockchain and IOT.

Our extensive global presence, with offices in major countries such as the USA, UAE, Qatar, France, Egypt, Nepal and Morocco allows us to serve our international clients with ease and efficiency. Our development factory, located in the tech hub of Kathmandu, Nepal, is staffed by a team of highly skilled IT engineers who are dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

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